Basic trainer guidelines

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Basic trainer guidelines

Post by Yarashi on Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:33 pm

This is it! To become a trainer and compete in our many battle events,  the first step is to register some  teams. Make a post on this thread  with 4 teams. (You can earn more team slots by passing exams or wining special events)

Team rules:
1.) No legends  (You'll get the chance to use them after some exams)
2.) 1 ultra beast only! (Events may temporarily let you use more)
3.) 3 of your teams need to use 1 starter pokemon, and you need a difrent species for each. (Reason to use mega Venasaur? You're welcome. ) (gymleaders and e4 don't need them, but you can have them. )
4. Your last team on this list, and  all other teams after that, can't use a starter. (There's usually clones that are worth it if you're raging at that)
5.) Our default format is gen 7 pokebank anything goes  (teams with other formats are a thing after events and exams)
6.) You CAN edit your teams how you like as long as you edit your teams in your room to match it)
7.) Gymleader teams in this league can use 2 types instead of 1. 3 Pokemon each type. This rule only applies to the 4th team. This will be the gym team!)

Banned pokemon for registry teams :
Greninja (with battle bond, other abilities are fine.)
Garchomp (mega, others are fine)
Alola Raichu
Chansey (holding Eviolite, others are fine)
Magikarp (not really.  Lolz)
Ditto  (reasons)

(These pokemon can be added with their respective exams)

Post your registration team in tryouts first to get looked over. Be sure to include moves, items and ability. Then pm an admin to get battle tested!

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